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BOD Analysis - BOD Sensor

Innovative, mercury-free and extremely reliable solution for BOD analysis (Biochemical Oxygen Demand).
Precise Control

Measurement on scales of 90, 250, 600 and 999 ppm BOD
Higher values can be measured by diluting the sample
Models with stirring stations offer VELP stirring quality

Extremely Practical

Fits directly on the bottle containing the sample
Automatically stores 5 BOD values at 24-hour intervals
Enables analysis to continue over the weekend
Results directly readable at any time, even after five days
Direct readout in mg/l (ppm)
Compact stirring stations

Priority to Safety

IP 54 protection against particle and liquid ingress
Class 3 IEC 1010 conformity

Choice of Models

BOD Sensor Set, a ready-to-use solution for individual BOD analysis only
BOD Sensor, a dark glass bottle, an alkali holder and a stirring bar.
BOD Sensor Set is designed for use with the VELP MST stirrer.
BOD Sensor System 6, a complete package for 6 tests
6-position stirring station, 6 BOD Sensors, dark glass bottles, alkali holders & stirring bars.
BOD Sensor System 10, a complete package for 10 tests
10-position stirring station, 10 BOD Sensors, dark glass bottles, alkali holders & stirring bars.

Stirring stations are designed for simple handling, ensuring the VELP stirring quality.
Up to 5 stirring stations with 6 positions (30 samples) or 3 stirring stations with 10 positions
(30 samples) can be placed in a VELP incubator (FOC 215E)
F102B0133 BOD Sensor
(with KOH traps)
F10230270 Stirring station, 6 positions 230V/60Hz
(with bottles & stirring bars)