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Crosstex sterilisation products

We offer a broad range of sterilisation products from Crosstex (Namsa), including Biological Indicators, Chemical Indicators, Quality control organisms, Spore and Growth Promotion test suspensions. Indicators are available for monitoring Steam, Ethylene Oxide, Radiation, Hydrogen peroxide, Dry Heat, Steam-Formaldehyde and Chemiclave sterilization processes.


Fedegari offer a range of sterilisers for laboratory use. This includes the ease of use FVG and FVS vertical chamber sterilisers and the sterilisers with wider flexibility for the larger laboratory - FVA Vertical Chamber available in 75L, 140L and 188L sizes; the FOB-TS horizontal chamber steriliser in 47L, 75L, 90L and 122L size and the larger FOB4 and FOB5 sterilisers available in 147L/210L and 300L/400L/430L/540L/730L respectively.

Nalgene durable labware

Nalgene labware is durable lightweight and inexpensive to use as it reduces the price of replacing broken glassware. It is less likely to cause injury and reduces the prospect of losing valuable material due to breakages. It is lighter than glass thus reducing shipping costs. Being durable and light weight its life expectany is so much longer than glassware.